Boil’em, Mash’em, Stick’em in a Stew

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Boil’em, mash’em, stick’em in a stew, potatoes Plantains!

A staple of the Caribbean diet, plantains are a close cousin to the banana.  They mature in a similar way, the more yellow they get, the sweeter and softer they become.  Green plantains are tough, and are usually boiled and mashed, or fried into chips.  I recently decided to fry up some green plantains, here’s their story.

2 Green Plantains

Vegetable Oil for frying

Sea Salt

*Chipotle Ketchup

1/4 cup ketchup + 1-2 Tbsp Chipotle Paste (adjust for your level of picante)

Peel the plantains and slice them into 1/2 inch rounds (I like to do this at a slight angle, making them larger).  Boil a pot of water and add the plantains, when they start to soften and turn yellow, drain and pat dry with a paper towel.  Heat enough vegetable oil (med-high) to cover the bottom of a frying pan (or use a deep fryer if you have one).  Fry for a few minutes on each side, or until golden yellow/brown.  Drain off the excess oil on a paper towel, salt and serve with chipotle ketchup.

These have a wonderful texture.  They’re definitely heavier than your average french fry, but it’s a nice starter/snack or addition to any island style meal.  In a lot of places in the Caribbean these will be served with a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup.  Screw that, the chipotle ketchup will rock your world.  Get some!


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One thought on “Boil’em, Mash’em, Stick’em in a Stew

  1. Love fried plantain and too often forget about them. Thank you!

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